Washed Canvas Poster, world map

WORK+SHOP :: Canvas Wall Art


Inspired by the days of paper posters and thumb tacks, we took this classic wall decor up a notch by making it larger and printing on oxford weave canvas. Each print gets distress washed for a rugged, shabby chic finish. 

• 10oz. poly-cotton canvas 
• Dimensions are approximate, may vary slightly due to washing

We encourage creativity with hanging, but some ideas include:
• thumb tacks or decorative nails for a casual look
• hang on a decorative curtain rod with matching clip rings
• professionally frame or stretch to wood
• mount the top (and bottom) to hobby board or a wooden dowel, add cording at the top 
• personalize by writing on it with a permanent marker

Handmade in our WORK+SHOP studio store in Hermosa Beach, California. 

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