Are MIXT Studio products available in retail stores?  Yes, MIXT Studio is sold at approximately 300 stores nationwide. Please email or call us directly if you'd like to see if there's a store is near you. 

What is your WORK+SHOP?  The WORK+SHOP is a small retail store attached to the front of our working studio in Hermosa Beach, California. Inside, we sell MIXT Studio products alongside local designers and brands we love. You'll also find us working on one-of-a-kind products that are available only in the WORK+SHOP.

If I live outside of Southern California, can I order items from your WORK+SHOP?  Yes. We try to keep our website updated with all of the unique creations that are handmade in our studio. Please click "FROM OUR WORK+SHOP" to see what is currently available.

What are MIXT Studio Tote Bags and Pouches used for?  MIXT Studio Tote Bags are the perfect travel companion. They're incredibly lightweight and fold down small for easy storage, while the reversible design gives you two distinct styles to choose from in a single bag. Our Tassel Pouches are a roomy, water-friendly carry-all. Use them for stowing damp swim or active wear, diaper gear, sunscreen, make-up, art supplies or even as a free-spirited clutch for festivals and evening festivities.

What is water-friendly?  Our Bags & Totes may look and feel like paper, but they love to be around water as much as we do! They're made from Tyvek®, which makes them resistant to splashes and spills. They are not waterproof, however, due to the stitching and zippers. 

What is Tyvek®?  Tyvek® is a highly recyclable, water-resistant substrate that is commonly used on the side of buildings as a moisture barrier. Please recycle all MIXT Studio bags when they're ready to retire.

Are your bags washable?  Yes. Specific care instructions are sewn into each bag. We recommend spot cleaning or hand washing for best results, but you can machine wash delicately in cold water. Lay flat to dry. 

Are your bags durable?  Tyvek® is deceptively strong, but it is still a soft, pliant material that can be damaged by sharp or jagged objects. Avoid any strong compounds or cleaning products. As an eco-friendly item, our inks are not impervious to bad chemicals. Please note that Tyvek® gets softer and more wrinkled with repeated use and washing.

Can you do custom bags for my event or business?  We'd love to! Please click the "Custom" button above for more information.